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Friday, November 14, 2008

Father I Remember!

Father, I remember how you sent your angels to protect your servants and to give them comfort. I remember Lot and his daughters and how your angels lead them to safety. I remember your prophet Daniel and how you sent your angel to shut the mouth of the lions. I remember how your angel freed the apostle Peter. Father, I remember that you even sent one of your angels to strengthen, your own son, Jesus, when he needed comfort, shortly before his earthly death. Father, I remember that you said you would give advice with your own eye upon us. That you would instruct us in the way to go. And Father, more than anyone else, I remember your true and faithful servant Job and how he was tested beyond what was normal. My Father, remember us, that are now being tested beyond what is normal, and send your joyous angels to protect us and strengthen us; and Father, I remember that you said, Father you said, that you would supply for us, that love you, "power beyond what is normal" in our time of trials and tribulation. Oh yes Father, I Remember.

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