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Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Message for Me!

Just as the wind scatters the leaves
Such are my thoughts
Far out of reach and out of touch.
No direction, just wandering
and just when I think all is lost,
I look up,
and there among the clouds for all to see,
A message has been written just for me!

GLS 11/08


Matt said...

Beautiful Gwen!

By the way; I think that this would be an Interesting Addition to your Blog. I have found that [url=http://www.http://disqus.com>Disqus][/url] my comment system works amazingly well, and it's clear and crisp!

I'd be welcome if you joined and added it to your blog, it's actually quite simple

All you really need to do is create an account, and download your template from the HTML section in your layout.

Than you reinstall and everything is back to normal! :D

Looking forward to hearing from you!



Anonymous said...

Ok, Matt I'm going to give it a try, maybe I will not mess up my blog. Gwen

Angela said...

beautiful. I really like this one.

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