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Monday, November 17, 2008

You Are Worthy!

Forever present, loving and forgiving.
But why?
A beautiful garden was planted for us.
Can you feel the refreshing breeze?
Do you hear the singing birds?
Can you smell the beautiful flowers?
Do you see the fruit filled trees?
The garden is well tendered, spacious and free.
A lovely new Gardener has been added you see!


Julette Millien said...

This is just beautiful! The last line made my heart skip a beat...it was unexpected but made perfect sense. So loving a sentiment.

That we are all gardeners (which I happen to actually be :-)) tending our own seeds, fruits, flowers, etc is profoundly true. And each of us add so much...

What a perfect way to begin my day. Thank You!!

Gwen Sutton said...

Julette- thank you for leaving the comment. And yes, truly a loving sentiment. Gwen

Carlton Flowers said...

Very moving! Excellent work!

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