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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Fifth Day!

The Fifth Day.
Day before the sixth
A day of quiet beauty
A time of reflection of what is to be
A day to look back and say to myself,
"Well Done"
This is what I've done
and I smile . . .
Little did I know, why did i not see
I should have seen
that in just a wisp of a breath
What was to be
and I moan with agony . . .
For it was I who created you
It was I who gave you everything
I gave you all
I gave you life
I gave you all and all
And when you turned from Me
I still gave you all
My heart, my soul, my spirit
My all and all!
I give you . . .yet again
My Heart, My Soul, My Spirit
My all and all!


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