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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Don't Give Up!

You can give out
You can give away
But never give up
Especially in yourself.
We've been taught the negative "No"
It's 2009 - time for positive "Yes"
Yes, in self, in ideas, in happiness, and in life.
So when someone gives you that little nudge,
Accept it with thanks, and the belief that
if they have faith in you,
Don't doubt yourself.
It's 2009, don't look back and
Don't Give Up!


Today, I took my own advice,(which was actually told to me)
I did not give up.
I have been trying to accomplish a goal for several weeks
and I would be within seeing distance of my goal and just give up,
but not today. Today at 3:05 I accomplished this goal.
Tomorrow, I will do it again, and each time will be less and less of a struggle.

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