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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Update to Post of June 29th, Gallows!

Man with roadside gallows will not be charged. Lacy Phipps of Faison, NC has gained plenty of attention for hanging some local law enforcement and government official in effigy as a sign of protest back in June of this year. District Attorney Dewey Hudson said he researched state laws and has determined Phipps is within his rights to show the display on his property.
Effigy done in protest of to what Phipps calls a conspiracy and a cover-up, saying they all played a part in running his family off their land and orchestrating what he calls an ambush that left his son dead.
Phipps hopes to add more to his gallows once he can afford more mannequins.
info from local paper, "Wallace Enterprise" dated August 13, 09.

I do not agree or like what Mr. Phipps has done with his Effigy/gallows, but i do agree with "Freedom of Speech".

Kudos to our Constitution!

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