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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Move over sticks and stones, you got company!

Let's see how does the old saying go
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words can never hurt me.
Well, i want you to know somebody Lied.
Words, are powerful, they can leave lasting impressions.
The sticks and stones, sometimes miss, if they don't knock you out.
But words, can sting, leave unseen marks,
sometimes cut so deep there is no looking back.
Yep, just from words. So folks, be careful what you say,
Or what you type. Typed words are almost like spoken words.
Think, just give a little thought to what you
Say or type, you never know who is listening or reading.
But, and you know there is always a but, :)
Words can give the greatest of pleasure,
Words can give hope, encouragement,
Words can let someone know you care.
So i'm going to think before I speak or type a note.
Or better yet, like another old saying,
If i can't say something good, best keep my mouth shut.
And that's my 2cents for today.


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