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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best Gifts!

It's the holiday season,
some are out and about
shopping, cooking, traveling, visiting, tweeting.
What are you doing?
What great gift are you giving?
For those of us online, our online personna
is another extension of who we are in real life.
I must say, i've gotten some of the best gifts.
Gifts of *Friendship* from around the world.
I've received gifts from here in North Carolina,
from California, Tennessee, Florida, Mexico, Ohio,
Sweden, Portugal, Paris, Atlanta, UK, London, New York,
New Jersey, Connecticut, Lisbon, Washington State,
Hawaii, Japan, Brazil, and I could go on and on.

Even though we're online friends,
we still encourage one another and console each other.
Friends are dependable. We love our friends no matter what
and we always want the best for our friends.

I treasure all my gifts. Thank you all!!!!

12/24/09 9:30pm gls

1 comment:

Tyler Gillies said...

Your gift of friendship is equally appreciated :)

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