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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!! "G Waving" across the stratosphere; I passed on the morning Jet Jocks and caught the Midnight Soul-Train.
We're about to break new ground folks, 2011 is on it's way. May we all have long life, good heath and good sense to go with the long life; Happiness and prosperity, common sense to know that prosperity, alone, will not bring us happiness;
A kinder and more caring heart, peaceful and not so quick to rush to judgment, better yet, let's not judge;
May we have just plain sense to know we're not alone on this place we call home and take better care of our "planet";
And when forgiveness is earned, may we forgive and move on;
and may I take a phrase from the Soul Train Conductor, Mr. Don Cornelius . .
"... and you can bet your last money, it's all gonna be a stone gas, honey! I'm Gwen Sutton, and as always in parting,
I wish you love, peace and soul!"

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