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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post from gwensutton at CHUM.LY

@tc_geeks: Browse And Write In The Same App With SplitPea  goo.gl/fb/i3NQC
The SplitPea iPad Web browser is a must have app for those people who need to do some writing and some research and do not want to have to switch back and forth between browser and writing app. The SplitPea gives you split screen where you have a full browser, on one side of the screen and a notepad type application on the other side. The browser has the full functionality of the Safari browser (and might actually be better) including a bar to make bookmarks. I say this browser may actually be better because you can open multiple tabs in the same browser window instead of having to push one page to the back in order to get to the next tab.

The other nice thing about this particular app is that if you are having problems dealing with the split screen, if you really can't figure out how your document is going to look on a full page you just have to click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right of the screen and the document tab will become a full page. Click the magnifying glass icon again and you go back to the split screen. This works on the browser side as well. Emailing and printing are just as easy as with any other writing app with the one drawback being you can only send the text as a plain text file or HTML but that can certainly be worked around.

The only thing that would make this $4 app perfection would be the addition of a word feature in the writing side, as there is already a built in spell-check. We expect that word count to be coming down the pike sometime soon and at that point this app will explode.


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