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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Facebook Connection

Chumly allows you to connect your Facebook account to your Chumly account so you can manage your Facebook content together with your local Chumly content, as well as your tweets and blogposts at Wordpress and Blogspot (with more services coming up).

These are some of the Facebook activities you can perform from the comfort of your Chumly home:

You can like/unlike Facebook posts and comments.
You can email your posts, including those that contain attachments, directly to Facebook.
You can filter your Facebook news feed to only display the media content that you want to see.
You can tag your Facebook posts in Chumly for easier searching later on.
You can draft your Facebook posts before sending them out. Facebook only allows this with their notes, while Chumly lets you do that with status updates and media as well.
You can send timed posts to Facebook, for autoposting at the selected time. You can even create a queue of timed posts - great for when you're away but still want to give the appearance of being somewhat active.
You can comment on your own and your friends's posts.
And with our translation feature you can follow and translate the posts of your friends who post in different languages with the simple click of a button.

Let's see... Did I leave something out? Hard to tell with so many features. ;)

Now it's your turn: How do you use Facebook? What features - in your opinion - are missing from the list above? Let us know, and we'll fix it!

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