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Friday, January 14, 2011

Opt-out instructions for Spokeo

8. How do I remove my information from Spokeo's search results?

Spokeo respects your privacy, and you can easily opt out of Spokeo's public search if desired. Please note that since the information aggregated by Spokeo is publicly available, opting out of Spokeo does NOT remove the information from its original sources, which are hundreds of additional websites. You can remove the search results derived from performing any Name, Reverse Phone or Reverse Email searches here.

To remove your Name/Phone/Email Listing(s):

1. Locate the listing to remove (for name listings, please select the state, city, then exact profile match)
2. Copy the URL (the URL can be found on the top of your browser and should look something like "www.spokeo.com/search?q=Smith%20Sample#Sample:1219...12367")
3. Go to  www.spokeo.com/privacy
4. Paste the URL
5. Provide your email address (this acts as a verification process for the confirmation to be sent to your Inbox) and Captcha Code (Image Verification Code)
6. Check you Inbox for the confirmation email, and click on the link on the bottom to complete the removal process.
7. The directory listing will become flagged and will be removed within 1 business day.

If you are seeing any error messages, please see below for the solution to some common issues:

Incorrect URL
- Please ensure that you click on the exact profile that contains your address. Correct URLs typically end with numbers. Example:  www.spokeo.com/search?q=Smith%20Sample#Sample:1219...12367

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