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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our Brother's Keeper

We are all connected, in one way or another. What is the saying "our brothers keeper" or something along those lines.

 Oh, I sense a story coming :

Brother  has fallen in the snow and hit his head, he's whaling about until he passes out from an concussion.

Other Brother sees his brother whaling and wallowing in the snow and thinks he's having fun, so there he goes running, slip, sliding in the snow and just what does he do, he does what Momma called, "monkey see monkey do" he too, falls and bumps his head, and now we have not one but two brothers needing help.

Mercy just mercy . . .and wouldn't you know it, Other, other, brother is watching from the window and he, too, thinks his brothers are just having fun. He starts to shout about in the house hey Sis., hey Bro.,  Other Brother and Other, Other Brother are playing in the snow lets go join them.

G hollers back, "Brother are you crazy, no i'm not" and gets up and look out the window and One Brother hollers back, "it's the BP oil spill's fault, we'll all be sick".

Oh No, Oh No, Brother, Brother, they're not playing, they're hurt, look at them, they're not moving.  Brother call 911 and then call Pop.

Sis and Brother go running out the door to help Other Brothers; unbeknown to them others were watching from down the road,  Another, Other Brother saw what happened and so did  Little Brother. Little Brother was checking out his new high powered Nikon camera and recorded the whole mess. Other Brother called Big Other Brother  and told him and he's barreling up the driveway with his wolf, just shaking his head, y'all know better.

Ha, ya in trouble now cause here comes Pop and he doesn't look happy, (he was getting ready to go dancing), and now he's got to see about Other and Other, Other Brothers.

We all finally get to Other and Other Brother, thankfully they are still breathing, we get Other Brother up and put him in the Jeep with Brother and then the wolf starts to howl, ooooh ha ha ha, he sees Other Brother with no clothes on. We wrap him up and put him in the jeep and we all go home.

After we are sure that everyone is going to be fine, Pop gives us a good talking to.  Big Other Brother is still shaking his head about the whole mess,  Little Brother is about to fall out of the chair and Other Little Brother is grinning like a loon because he has it recorded, Other Brother has his head in his hands, wondering who else saw what happened and glad it wasn't him, and me and Other Brother looked at each other and said at the same time, "it's the BP Oil Spill's fault." . . . and the wolf starts to howl.

The end.

We are our brother's keeper, what happens to one of us affects the other.

PS: some one else did see what happened, another, Other Brother. He talked about it on his next blog/radio show.
 !poetscorner gls

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