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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Post from gwensutton at CHUM.LY

Yep, I had a really great day.
I shared the first sentence with a friend of mine this morning, the rest just came along.

Good morning, humm, wonder what did frosty do, sunshine is hiding behind the clouds and crying her eyes out. As the day progressed, I looked up and said, "girlfriend, dry your eyes, I want to get out and about and I don't want to get rained on" Oh, what did i say that for, about that time Sunshine winked and blew her nose, she sniffed a bit and I saw frosty blow her a kiss; Oh, Sunshine smiled from behind the clouds, and it got a little hazy out; the clouds opened and Sunshine burst forth in all her glory and wouldn't you know it, her twin brother, Sunset came out at just about five this evening and called her home. She turned two shades of red and waved goodbye.



In other words, It was cloudy and raining this morning, later it got a bit windy with a bit of mist, then cleared this evening.

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