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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Facebook Our Comments Plugin Increases Publisher Traffic up to 45%

[STATS]: www.readwriteweb.com/archives/facebook_our_comment...t.php
Just over a month ago, Facebook released its much-feared commenting solution for third parties. In that time, Facebook Comments have made their way to more than 50,000 websites, including the Los Angeles Times, Funny Or Die and Vevo.

Today, Facebook announced today a set of improved features for publishers and users, alongside some stats that seem to say that the commenting system actually increases, rather than decreases, discussion and Facebook referrals.

The biggest change for users will be the ability to login using Hotmail, which boasts more than 360 million active users. There has been no mention of when users might see Google or Twitter as a login option and a Facebook spokesperson commented that the company is "always looking for ways to improve the product and hope to add as many major login options as possible, however we have nothing further to share today."

On the publisher (and blogger) end of things, changes include the ability to link directly to individual comments, generate larger News Feed objects (as seen below) and access comments using the API. Facebook also added a new, darker color scheme for darker colored sites.


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