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Friday, May 20, 2011

Post from gwensutton at CHUMLY

Russians plow $245M into MRAM chip memory technology. Better than DRAM and Flash. | VentureBeat: venturebeat.com/2011/05/20/russians-plow-245m-into...sh/he Russian government is investing $245 million into a Silicon Valley company called Crocus that is building MRAM, a chip memory technology that supporters say will soon blow away the two existing technologies, DRAM and Flash.

The technology is being closely watched because it is expected to replace the memory in everything from smart phones to PCs and industrial robotics.

MRAM, which stands for Magnetoresistive random access memory, stores data in layers of magnetic material, and has superior properties compared to both DRAM and Flash. It does not lose data when power is shut off (making it better than DRAM, which stands for dynamic random access-memories) and it uses relatively little power while remaining extremely fast (making it better than Flash).

Those qualities have made people refer to it as a potential"universal” memory; once fully developed, it could potentially dominate all forms of memory.


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