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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who's managing your social media?

Company Crisis Management: Social Media's Role: thenextweb.com/socialmedia/2011/06/18/social-media...ement
Snippet from the article
Who’s managing your social media?

This might sound fairly simple, but whether you’re a small or a large organization, you need to have a clear plan in place for who is managing your social media channels during a crisis.This is the time when you’re going to be at your most frantic and all the practices you’ve put into place up until now might be thrown out the window. So you may have put the latest update on your Facebook Page and blog, but has your Twitter account been left empty because everyone thought someone else was managing it?

It’s also incredibly important that you give the ownership of social media preferably to one person during this time, or a team of people who are in close communication (preferably in the same room). If you’re in the midst of a large crisis, you could face a large amount of content and conversations online. You want to make sure that people know the history of what’s been discussed earlier that morning or the day before, so you’re not repeating yourself or talking to people that were engaging yesterday, as if you’ve never spoken to them before. You could then find yourself with a whole other crisis on your hands if you get this wrong!


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