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Thursday, July 21, 2011

G's East Coast Heat Wave

Good day everyone! Folks, do the best you can to stay cool, the East Coast heat wave is on. We're expecting another 100+ temp today.

Any one that has ever read anything that I've posted knows that I talk with Sunshine. Well, in my opinion somebody, something or whatever has upset Sunshine and she is hot, hot, hot and we're experiencing her fury!

Even her friends, Dewey, Windy, Breezy, Humidly, Muggy, and Stank, (yeah, Stank, that's funny) are off the charts hot; Frosty has gone on vacation.

The other day Sunshine had a 'tweet up' with Clap and Thunder and what a show they put on. The lights were spectacular.

I just hope they all don't meet up with Dusty. Rumor has it that, Dusty is a beast, nothing is safe in his path. I read that he even left sand in a sealed mason jar. Now that is Stank!

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