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Monday, August 22, 2011

Post from gwensutton at CHUMLY

East coast folks, get ready, Irene is headed in our direction. Back up all data. Make copies of your insurance documents and any other personal documents that you deem necessary and put on portable drives that you can take with you. Make sure you have emergency supplies on hand. Water, food (don't forget about your pets) extra clothes, cash, batteries, cash, cleaning supplies, duct tape, tarps, and store in more than one location if possible. Have an emergency exit route planned and a central meeting location for all family members. Establish a communication network with family and friends before the storm hits and test it to make sure it works.
Service your generators now. Be careful where you store extra fuel. For gas grills, check your tanks and make sure you have the needed supplies.

Extra note for phone users: I use my battery backup power supply (500-750 watts) that I usually have connected to my computers. They work great for charging cell phones, iPads, power for small lamps and radios.


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